Thursday, November 8, 2012

C4T #3

lisa thurmann

My teacher this time is Ms. Lisa Thurmann. She is a professor at Kean University. Her blog post was a basically a progress report on all of her projects. The most impressive project she is working on is the inaugural mobile learning summit. I told her that I am looking forward to the day that teachers can begin use mobile devices in the classroom. The post also said the summit was on November 2nd. I hope she writes a post about how it goes.

For the second post I had to comment on a pervious post. She sent a tweet saying that the convention was delayed because of hurricane sandy. The pervious post was about her preparing for her EdCamp. She was really nervous that some of her guests where not going to grasp the idea of the "unconvention". During the opening remarks she asked everyone to follow these guidelines.

1. Listen. Everyone has something to contribute.
2. Participate. You have something to add to the conversation.
3. Think with your feet.
4. Have a good time.

I thanked her for sharing her experiences with us. I also told her that I liked the "guidelines" she posted, but not just for the camp but in everyday life as well. In closing I thanked her for all the work she does.

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