Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog assignment #4

Podcast Preparation

Garage band app demo
For my upcoming podcast in a few weeks, I am doing some research on podcasts and how to do a satisfactory podcast. I was referred to the Langwitches, they are very successful podcasters who work with students. They focus on storytelling, fluency, emotion, and most importantly, comprehension. I was very impressed with the podcast they did about Purim. After they had recorded the story in pieces, they had the students put it back in order. This was a brilliant idea. This introduced the story in a whole new way.

My plan is to incorporate several of their main ideas into my podcast. One key feature that showed up in every blog post was the app garageband. It has the ability to edit recordings, this will be an essential tool later. Next is the focus on emotion. Emotion has the power to bring my podcast to life. This is important because I want my podcast to stand out. Last is a mixture of fluency and comprehension. I want my target audience to be able to understand my message. I also want to make my recording smooth. It is my hope that with practice both of these will be achieved.


  1. Hi Daniel!

    I'm also going to incorporate several of Langwitches ideas into my podcast. Podcasting is such an amazing tool to use in the classroom.

    One thing I must suggest, is to make your summary a bit longer. I see that you did add a link for the Langwitches page, but you could've also added links to the individual posts that you read as well. Overall, it was a great post, and well written. I think if you would elaborated more on the individual posts it would really enhance it!

  2. Hey Daniel,

    I'm glad you learned some new things about podcasting! Podcasting is a great project for any age of students. There are so many ways that this could improve on students' reading comprehension if the students are reviewing a book.

    Make sure you read the instruction manual carefully before you post a blog assignment on your blog. The instruction manual says: "As part of your preparation for your Podcast (see Project Instructions, p. 22), these resources are provided. Read and/or listen to at least three of the following and summarize your reactions as well as what you have learned that you can use in your own podcast." This means you should have summarized three different podcasts that you watched in this post.

    Let me know if you have any questions,


    Stephen Akins