Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K November

The first C4K for this month was for a girl named Kylie. Kylie is in Mr. Boylen's eighth grade class. Her blog post was about her recent vacation to visit her cousins. She talks about going to a water park, going horseback riding, and attending a movie party. She goes into great detail about the specifics of her trip. Throughout the entirety of the post she keeps returning back to one central point, she enjoyed spending time with her family.

I responded by telling her that really enjoyed her blog post. I also told her to never forget that family is the most important thing in the world. To boost her confidence about her blog I told her that my favorite part of her post was about the horse riding trip. Next I wanted to set up a conversion with her. I decided the best way to do this was choose one aspect of the post, otherwise she might not have had time to respond. I chose to talk about the horse riding trip. I asked her "what do you recommend to someone who has never been horseback riding?" Lastly I thanked her for sharing her experiences with us.

Next was Charleen from Mr.Cometti's world history class. Her post was about Veteran's Day. She has noticed that some of her peers were not appreciating the significance of the holiday. She also says that she used to be the same way but after seeing the ignorance of her classmates she decided that she would change her ways. She shared the historical context of the holiday and how it came into being.

My response to her was simple Your blog post is very informative. I didn't know that Alabama had such an important role in Veteran's Day. Thank you for sharing this information and supporting our veterans.

The last C4C was for a girl named Amber. Her blog post was about how she likes to express herself. She says that she likes to dress herself to reflect her mood. She also likes to express herself through playing music.

I wrote her back at I think that it is very important to express yourself. I especially enjoy it when people use music to share their feelings. Music has the potential to allow people to express themselves on a very personal level. Every note can be either a shout of joy or a tear of remorse. Thank you for letting me read your post.

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