Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4T #4

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My last C4T was for Mr. Marschhausen and Rmcallister. They are contributors to the blog connected principals.

Mr. Mr. Marschhausen wrote a post comparing the postal service to the current education system. He points out that technology such as email has almost replaced the postal service and that they need to drastically transform or they will continue to fail. He says the same is true for the education system as well. If the schools don't start teaching technology the school system will fail.

I wrote him back saying that his blog post is very thought provoking. I'm glad that I am learning how to use new technology. I want my future students to have every possible advantage, and teaching them how to use and respect technology will be the way to ensure this. We all must remember that technology can either harm us or help us. We will either be replaced by it or embrace it. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

I actually received an email response from Mr. Marschhausem. He wrote back saying.


Thanks for dropping me a note. We need courageous, creative leaders in American Education. It is going to take a monumental, collaborative effort to make the necessary changes to our system.

Then there was Rmcallister. He wrote on the effectiveness of presence. He goings into detail how just being there for our fellow coworkers and students can help everyone do there best.

I commented by saying that I may not be a teacher yet but I can still related to the idea of presence. Currently I am a manager at retail store, and the employees come to me and expect me to have all the answers. Other times they want me to be human and understanding. They want a strong leader when things look bleak and a lighthearted one when things are good. Thanks again for the wonderful post.

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